MV-Game-Jam 🎮

Do you want to create your own video games but are not sure where to start? Then the MV Game Jam is just the thing for you!

During the MV Game Jam, you will have 48 hours to create your own video games in teams. The event starts on April 14th at 16:00 and ends on April 16th at 16:00. You can use any technology you want to create your game! If you have never developed a game before, we recommend the Godot game development engine. It is free and completely open-source, making it well-suited for beginners to get started.

Your teams can be of any size, and the event is open to everyone (even non-students). Whether you are an experienced game developer or new to the world of game design, the MV Game Jam is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity.

On Monday, April 17th, at 17:00, the games will be presented to the other teams. At least one person from each team should be present to showcase their game.

For more information and to register, visit this website: If you have any questions or are looking for team members, feel free to email me at: brutenis dot gliwa at uni rostock de.


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