Summer Party ☀️🌴

On 06.07. the summer party of the student representatives of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Physics will take place. The party will take place on the green areas in Albert-Einstein-Straße 22 to 26 - starting at 4 pm. On the one hand you can expect sportive games like volleyball, spikeball and kubb. Our highlight for you: Bubble Soccer*. You have to register via the following form:

Our summer party will be musically accompanied by DJ Carsten Opitz. In the evening you can look forward to the Rostock indie band ANIMALS SECRET. Furthermore, there will be fun activities like beer pong, a small lottery and the traditional tug-of-war between Info- and ET-Fachschaft. Of course, there will also be a wide range of food and drinks available. Our recommendation for you: delicious, cool slushies. We are looking forward to spending a nice evening and a joyful summer party with you!

*Bubble Soccer = you are stuck with your body in an inflated ball and only your legs look out. The more mass, the greater the trajectory of the opponents 😉


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