Christmas Party 🎄

Mulled wine and waffles

Atrium, KZH

More info will come later

Smash-Nachmittag 🎮

Mario Kart Tournament 🏎️



At our Mario Kart evening in November, you asked …

New Year BBQ 🍖🔥

Wiesen vor dem KZH

Smash-Abend 🎮

Coding Contest 💻

Coding contest with teams


Compete with friends as a team against other teams …

Team Meeting2023-08-15Discuss project updates and assign tasks.
Conference2023-08-20Attend industry conference to learn about trends.
Product Launch2023-09-10Introduce new product to the market.
Workshop2023-09-25Conduct hands-on workshop for beginners.
Charity Fundraiser2023-10-05Raise funds for local community projects.
Training Session2023-10-15Provide training on new software tools.
Team Retreat2023-11-02Bonding activities and strategy planning.
Webinar2023-11-20Online seminar on industry best practices.
Holiday Party2023-12-15Celebrate the end of the year with colleagues.