The student council for computer science archived some old and recent exams that were conducted in various modules under the following link. You can access them for exam preparation by login with your ITMZ login data.

Exams Archive

Rights and Duties

  • Form of examination according to SPSO (no substitute performances)
  • Examination performances will be evaluated normally
  • no extended withdrawal possibilities until the beginning of the exam
  • there is no longer an automatically recognized withdrawal from exams

Withdrawal of the exam registration

  • only applies to exams that have been registered for the first time
  • does not apply to exams during the semester
  • Deadline: at the latest 14 days before the examination date
  • Form for withdrawal of examination registration here

Proof of illness

  • an AU certificate is not sufficient!
  • applies to all examinations with a fixed examination date (e.g. written exams & oral exams)
  • for written papers (e.g. HA) the deadline will be exceeded, but the exam will not be cancelled
  • Deadline: immediately; possible in advance by e-mail, but the original must be submitted immediately, otherwise processing is not possible.

If you have problems with examiners, you are welcome to contact us or take other students with you to the exam. Every student is allowed to sit in on exams and give moral support as long as the person being examined agrees. We, the student council, are also happy to sit in on exams.

If something seems strange to you during the exam or you are disturbed, then report directly to the examiner and/or report deficiencies in the examination procedure to your responsible examination office.

If you have not passed a preliminary performance but have registered for the examination, you will automatically be deregistered from the examination. You do not have to do anything. If you have not yet received any information about the preliminary work, then ask the examiner about it. If you still do not know whether you have passed the preliminary work, then take the exam with reservation.

If the correction takes longer than 4 weeks, you can ask the examiner when you can expect the grade. Please also report the exam and the examiner to the AStA (studium.asta@unirsotock.de or lehramt.asta@uni-rostock.de).

Here you can find your responsible examination office:

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email.